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York Glass, the home of York Lucky Cats

Welcome to York Glass Ltd

York Glass Ltd is the home to York Lucky Cats. We specialise in ornamental glass products, glass jewellery and of course our famous York Lucky Cats which charm visitors to the City of York who love to see how they are made and are fascinated by the link to the historic Cat Statues found on many of Yorks old buildings.

Our website allows visitors to download the fabulous York Cat Trail and find out about the history and significance of the Cat Statues, and also to see how our Lucky Cats are made. We also provide the opportunity to purchase the unique, hand made York Lucky Cats.

Many of our Lucky Cats are sold as wedding charms to enhance place settings at wedding receptions. Please note that discounts are available for bulk purchases for your special day.

York Lucky Cats Shop


York Lucky Cats are small hand-made glass cats which are available in twelve jewel like colours that match the gem stones considered lucky for each month of the year. The design is in response to the famous and appealing cat statues to be found on many of the historic buildings of York.

The original cat statues were placed on York's old buildings to frighten away rats and mice, which might carry plague and disease. They were also thought to ward off wandering evil spirits and to generally bestow good luck and good health on the inhabitants.

Cat on the wall of our ShopYork Glass Ltd represents a small group of craftsmen working in glass and celebrating the York Cats Story. At the work bench within the shop visitors may see some of the Lucky Cats actually being made. Feel free to take photographs of production.

The Free York Cat Trail (Free Fun in York)

A FREE Cats Trail is available both in the shop and also at our website and this is sure to delight visitors young and old. Can you find, or even photograph each cat statue around York?

York Lucky Cats

Our Lucky Cats are protected by copyright. They have been sold both through the shop in the Shambles and also online. As you might expect numerous individuals vow that the cats have brought them fortune. Various testimonials are available for inspection both online and in our shop window.

Our Lucky Cats have been adopted and loved by many people. They have travelled the world and are coveted as good luck charms. 

If a Lucky Cat brings you special good luck then we would be delighted to hear from you in writing and we will add your name to our growing list.


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